I put our night camera out now the weather is getting better. I’ve been feeding Hedgehogs more or less all winter, I think they have only been missing for a couple of weeks so I’ve always had food and water out just in case.

My first video was a poor Hedgehog dragging something on her leg, of course I didn’t see the video until the morning, so I put the camera out the next night hoping that she had got rid of what ever it was but no she came in again dragging the object.


So the next evening I lay in wait and being creatures of habit she came in around the same time. I trapped her in the feeding box and our friend Gill helped me remove the item on her foot which was a very vicious Mouse trap and of course once removed there was no way to check the leg as she curled up in a tight ball. So we got her settled in a box ready to take to the vet practice were Gill is the manager and Veterinary Nurse. The Hedgehog was x-rayed and lucky no broken bones but the leg was very swollen. She was given a long acting antibiotic and she returned the same day as she was getting agitated at being captured and the vet said she would be better off in her home environment.



We released her at the time she usually comes to feed and she soon disappeared but we were so pleased that she returned an hour later to feed.

Released back home 21st March 2022

23rd March 2022

A little altercation with one of the larger Hedgehogs who came in early but she’s OK!

26th March 2022

Nearly a week since our little Hedgehog was at the vets with our friend Gill. She is doing well, still the first one in before the big bruisers come in,  most of the time, she is nearly half their size, it’s one way of recognising her!

1st April 2022

A very plucky lucky little girl!

Even though it was down to -3C on the night of 8th/9th April the Hedgehogs were very active coming in all through the night. The first one is our little survivor from the mousetrap, Boggy (don’t ask predictive text on iPad!) the name has stuck, she was only 350g when she was treated, how she made it through the winter I don’t know. She’s looking good with a faint limp, then a constant stream of Hogs until around 5.00am. We have at least five different Hogs which we can distinguish, maybe more which is great news. I wish I could tell the difference! the water is always welcome so I make sure fresh is always available although it was frozen this morning.

8th April 2022. Little Boggy, the first visitor.

8th April 2022. Three and a cat!

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