We (Rod my husband and myself) decided that we were long overdue for a trip away from home and what better than a trip to the Somerset Levels after well over a year of not being able to go, it would be a welcome break. We decided to just go for the day leaving the dogs with a friend so we could both visit the hides where dogs are not allowed. Setting out fairly early on Wednesday 19th May, we decided on that particular day as it looked like the best day of the week and sure enough gales and heavy rain came came in the next day.

It was so nice to be there again and as always it didn’t disappoint there was plenty to see and enjoy, although many of the birds were fairly distant from the hide. I was also hoping to see some insects and my first sightings of Dragonflies although it was not to be, it was very breezy and because of the cold weather I didn’t see any although I had heard of sightings. I did see some fleeting glimpses of Damselflies in a couple of sheltered areas but they were few and far between, Common Blue, Blue-tailed damsels and another one I wasn’t sure of I managed to get an image and had it identified on the Dragonfly and Damselfly UK Facebook  site as  Variable Damselfly, a new one for me and apparently uncommon in the British isles.

A few different insects, the Red and Black Froghopper again was another first for me!

It was so nice to see many Swifts flying above the hides, I did try to take and image but failed, they were just too quick for me!

After around three hours at Ham Wall we headed for Catcott, we really like it there, very quiet and it didn’t disappoint, we stayed for an hour or so before heading home, it was great to be back in Somerset again.

Below a gallery of images and slideshow of the wildlife we saw, select any thumbnail for larger view and slideshow.

Under the Gallery is a list of birds we spotted but no images, there were probably much more out there we missed as many of the smaller birds were under cover!

    • Little Grebe
    • Cetties Warbler
    • Swifts
    • Grey Herons
    • Mallards
    • Swallows 
    • House Martins
    • Pochard

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