I thought I’d take a trip up to Ringmoor, just off of Okeford Hill near Turnworth. The land belongs to the National Trust and is part grassland but there is some old native woodland including Oaks, Hazel and Beech, plus others where I’ve seen fungi in past years.

To look for the fungi I have to change the way I usually look at the woodland for photography, instead of looking into the canopy I’m watching the ground and the bases of the trees for signs of the fungi, some are very tiny.

I had only a short time up there but I still managed to see various species although some were a bit tatty. My main reason for the trip was to try out my CamRanger in the field. The CamRanger is a device which allows my camera to wirelessly connect  to an iPad, this allows me to operate all the settings and capture the image from the iPad; I found it much easier on the knees! It also gave me a chance to experiment with the settings without having to get down to the camera each time.

I used my 100mm Macro lens on a tripod of course and carried a LED light which has a dimmer switch to regulate the light. I found this handy as it was quite dark under the trees. A successful trip and I’m looking forward to having another foray before they disappear.

Camera with CamRanger and iPad.






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