The New Year started as the old year ended a frosty cold morning, but it was different as everything was covered in a thick coating of hoar frost, after all the wet and grey weather it was too tempting not to be out and enjoy it.

After my early morning walk where I got some images of and amazing sunrise on the Stour Photo Diary I went home for breakfast and then went for another walk I wanted to catch the frost before it thawed as I was sure it would. I spent my time looking in the hedgerows for vegetation covered in frost, looking at shapes and colours. I only spent about an hour walking in a circle close to home but I was surprised with all the wonderful things I saw. I took lots of photos and put together a montage of the images.

I got home around 10.30 am and it was starting to thaw, who knows if we will have any more days like this in the near future so I enjoyed it while I could.

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