Sunrise 04:50 Sunset 21:21 BST

Into July already and I can’t believe it and I’m still playing catch up. I was really excited this week as I spotted Otter movement in the river early in the morning. Kim disturbed something by the footbridge and I heard a plop in the river I looked over the bridge and I spotted the distinctive bubbles coming off the coat of an Otter as he made his way under the bridge and into cover. He knew we were there of course so he wasn’t going to surface in the open.

There are also a family of Kingfishers close I hope to get a chance to see more of them and take a picture. Some Reed Buntings have recently fledged and they are flying forwards and backwards over the river.

This morning as I walked into the lane near home I spotted a Hedgehog. The dogs rushed up to him and he soon curled up and the dogs lost interest so I waited until he unfurled and scurried off. I was surprised to see him in the daylight but he seemed OK.


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