Sunrise 05.36 Sunset 20.52

Another quiet morning after a scorching day yesterday. It was raining this morning, a heavy summer rain and quite humid.

I didn’t see to much activity, the usual Rooks, Crows and pigeons rummaging around on the fields, I expect they like the rain. A Jay flew across, a bird I would like to get a photo of but they soon disappear. A few swallows around Bere Marsh but most seem to have gone somewhere else for a while, I’m not sure where.

I was crossing the river and saw a flowering reed that I have been going to identify for ages, so that’s what I checked on when I got home this morning. The plant has an inspirational name of Flowering-rush! Latin name Butomus umbellatus.

Flowering-rush, Butomus umbellatus
Flowering-rush, Butomus umbellatus

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