Sunrise 06.08 Sunset 20.56

A settled spell of warm days, sunny with cloud.

It’s been fairly quiet on my walks this week, although I shouldn’t really say that as there is always something about. The birds are keeping a low profile and a Grey Squirrel looks as though he is already starting to gather the hazelnuts from the ground. The roe deer have been about so I have to watch closely and spot them before the dogs do!

I captured the image below of a Small white butterfly, another to add to my pictures of butterflies. I am trying to identify them rather than just a white one!

Small white butterfly
Small white butterfly, Pieris rapae

As the evenings have been pleasant and the days quite warm we have been taking the dogs out later for their evening walk and stopping by the footbridge to watch the Chubb, we still can’t believe how many there are and Rod always has a few biscuits to throw for them; they are voracious eaters!

Chubb just about to grab a biscuit
Chubb just about to grab a biscuit

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