Sunrise 05.57 Sunset 20.27

Warm, sunny light cloud.

Another chance for an late evening walk. It had been quite warm all day so we decided to take the dogs out later in the evening always hoping to see something special. We spent sometime on the footbridge, just watching. The fish were very active and we saw some good sized Chubb, I had seen a few on the corner the same day. All these people saying that the Otters will eat all the fish, the river appears to be in a good state at the moment, a good balance.

There were plenty of little birds about flocks flitting from one willow tree to another making their way upstream. I was surprised that it was not just one species but Long tailed tits, Blue tits and Reed Buntings and others that were to quick to identify!

Long tailed tit
Long tailed tit

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