We had to take our car to be serviced so while we were out we decided to take a detour to Radipole Lake in Weymouth. We wanted to take a look at the farthest hide on the reserve, the North hide to see what was about.

When we got there it was very quiet and just a Heron a few Seagulls and a Little Egret around, but a short while later I spotted something land on a distant shrub. I could see it through my viewfinder and it was dark brown with a creamy almost orange head. It was a Hawk and I soon realised it was what we were looking for a Marsh Harrier. After a while it flew towards us giving us a lovely sight of her, we later found out she was female. I attempted to get some pictures but it was quite tricky for me to get the focus, I am still learning how. An excuse to try again another day!

The Marsh Harrier is on the RSPB Amber status list but recovering in a couple of places in the UK www.rspb.org.uk/discoverandenjoynature. They are summer visitors at Radipole, they are wonderful to see very close to the centre of Weymouth on the marshes, we were told there were a male, female and two youngsters on the marsh.

Marsh Harrier 1a

Marsh Harrier 2

Marsh Harrier 3

Marsh Harrier
Marsh Harrier

We were also hoping to see the Bearded Tits there had been sightings recently but no luck they are still well down in the reeds.

There was a Coot feeding a youngster at the same place we saw a family back in June, it may have been the same family.

Coot and youngster
Coot and youngster

Also by the bridge near the car park there is always plenty of action including a brown Rat helping himself to the food put down for the ducks.

New Ducklings
New Ducklings
Tufted duck
Tufted duck female

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