I have been a little erratic with my blog posts it was all because I managed to get shingles, which wasn’t too pleasant throughout August. I must admit my energy levels have been down a bit but having said that I’ve still tried to get out and about.

Late August I went on a Butterfly hunt with a friend. We wanted to enjoy them before they disappeared for another year.

We visited two places on the same day, the first visit was Fontmell Down. I’d asked my niece for the best place to see something interesting and once again she gave me good advice, telling me where I might the Silver Spotted Skipper might be, unfortunately we didn’t see any. But another thing she mentioned was that the Lady’s-tresses Orchid may be just starting to flower. I’m glad I had a head start on where they were and sure enough once you had spotted one there are others. A tiny little Orchid Only 7-20cm high but really pretty with it’s spiral of flowers.

It was meant to be a dry day before rain came in at night but we could see over the Blackmore Vale that there were a number of showers lining up to come across the downs! We managed to shelter under the Beech trees for a while and then went back on the hunt. There were a few Common Blues about and Meadow Brown’s and also some lovely Small Heath Butterflies about. One of the Blue Butterflies I took was later identified for me as an Adonis Blue, a first for me it was quite stunning and I guessed it was something different from the Common Blue.

Lady's Tresses Orchid - Fontmell Down
Because I Lady’s Tresses Orchid – Fontmell Down
Small Heath – Fontmell Down
Meadow Brown - Fontmell Down
Meadow Brown – Fontmell Down
Adonis Blue - Fontmell Down
Adonis Blue – Fontmell Down

We decided that as the weather was improving we would go to Martin Down on the Salisbury road in the afternoon and see what was about there. Again therefore plenty of Common Blues male and female and I managed to get an image of another Adonis Blue which someone identified for me on Facebook.

The trip was a little disappointing as we were hoping to see some different species but enjoyable just the same.

Adonis Blue - Martin Down
Adonis Blue – Martin Down
Common Blue female - Martin Down
Common Blue female – Martin Down
Common Blue - Martin Down
Common Blue – Martin Down
Common Blue - Martin Down
Common Blue – Martin Down
Common Blue - Martin Down
Common Blue – Martin Down
Bumble Bee - Martin Down
Bumble Bee on Scabious  – Martin Down

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