Sunrise 07:54 Sunset 16:04 GMT

Some very uninspiring weather at the moment and the mornings are so dark!But sometimes that is a plus, like this morning when I want down the lane with the dogs just after 7am. It was quite dark and I was thinking I must get a light on Lucy’s collar. Her being grey means she blends into the gloom! Any way as I got through the spinney of trees and into the large field by the river I saw movement and a flash of white. It was a Barn owl, I was dressed in green and the dogs were hidden in the dip of the gateway and I spent a few minutes watching as it quartered the grass in front of us, coming very close at times. I kept very still as did the dogs until it flew off towards the river. What a lovely surprise.

From archive: Barn owl
From my archive: Barn owl

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