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We are well into autumn now though the weather is very mild for the time of year but plenty of rain in the last week or two making everything very wet and muddy around home.

Stour floods
Stour floods taken with iPhone 6s

The Stour has been looking very mucky and today when we walked down it was over it’s banks. I managed to get to the footbridge and a little way to Bere Marsh but the water stopped me from going any further.

Kim and I took a walk on Okeford Hill a few days ago in the rain and low cloud, it was a little wet but the autumn colours were beautiful, although after the winds of yesterday I don’t think there will be too many leaves left!

Okeford Hill rain and mist
Okeford Hill rain and mist – Beech trees

Okeford Hill rain and mist - Conifer trees
Okeford Hill rain and mist – Conifer trees

Our visiting hedgehogs have disappeared, hopefully they are safe and either hibernating or being fed somewhere else. There has been a few wildlife sightings, the Blackbirds seem to be back in force around our street fighting and squabbling again. The Rooks have been enjoying the winds in the fields behind us the weather doesn’t appear to bother them. I’ve seen a couple of Kingfishers along the little stream near the Stour I suppose they are looking elsewhere for food when the river is high. On one of our late afternoon walks up the field and just behind our house we heard a noise and turned round and were surprised to see a Barn Owl with two Crows worrying him, we watched as the owl tried to shake them off and they disappeared towards the woodland at the edge of the field. We wondered if it may have been one of the young from the Bere Marsh owl nest, I do hope he survives. We are seeing a Kestrel frequently down the lane he appears to have made it ‘his patch’. One day I hope I can get a picture with my camera, the light has been very poor just lately.

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