I’m getting out and about with Tilly early in the morning trying different walks from home, Tilly certainly enjoys them and it gives me inspiration for my photography. There is so much to see just on the doorstep. I tend to just take my camera and one lens of choice on the day and no tripod, although sometimes I wish I had it, it is difficult with Tilly until she is more settled; although she is very good! 

Tilly on the hill.

This time it was the turn of my 24-105mm lens, a fairly wide angle with a bit of zoom, a good general purpose lens. It was a beautiful morning after the rain and clear over the Blackmore Vale.

The Common Spotted Orchids are now flowering on the slopes of the hill along with the Yellow Rattle. 

Common Spotted Orchid

In amongst the pink orchids I noticed a white orchid, I think it was just a white version of the Common spotted, apparently about 3% are white.

White Common Spotted Orchid

I have seen plenty of Yellow hammers recently and in various locations, Okeford hill, near Hammoon, Hod Hill and on now on Hambledon hill, not a great picture with the 105mm lens but it did sit on the bush for a little while for me.


At the top of the hill is the impressive causewayed  enclosure, dated to c.3600 BC. In 1645 Oliver Cromwell fought the clubman here. You can see the size of the ramparts in the picture below with the horse and rider just in front of the ramparts.

Before we walked down the hill we walked across the top, the views were as always stunning across the Blackmore Vale, all we shared the hill with at that time were the cattle who spend the summer grazing the hill, with sheep in the winter it keeps the chalk land in good heart for all the wildflowers and butterflies that live on the grassland.

National Trust overview of Hambledon Hill

White Park cattle
White Park cattle

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