At last a few birds are coming back to our garden, which we are really pleased about. We regularly see a couple of Pied Wagtails, sometimes fighting, two males perhaps? Blue Tits coming into feed and Wrens both front and back hunting in the undergrowth for spiders and insects and sometimes eating from the feeders. We even had a small flock of Long Tailed Tits arrive with a flourish, feed, then move on again. The Blackbirds and Jackdaws have arrived in force, either up the road or in the garden. While of course the resident House Sparrows and Starlings are still much in evidence with the back and front Robins keeping everyone in order! 

Our Hedgehogs are still feeding well, there is very little food left in the dish in the morning.

Roe doe and buck
Roe doe and buck

We were also pleased to see the Roe deer family, in the field at the back of our house, the first time for about six months it was as Storm Barra was moving through. It’s difficult to tell whether they are young ones as they soon grow up, there were three in total. There are two does and a male, he has lost his antlers now and just starting to grow his new ones. As I was taking pictures out of our velux window in the bedroom I spotted several Redwings feeding in the field, what looks like antenna on the back roe is a Redwing! I don’t see them in the field at ground level.

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