I thought at the beginning of October I would not see many little creatures down the lane as they would disappear when it got colder and the days got shorter. So for a few days when Rod and I went for a walk with the dogs in the afternoon I didn’t bother with the camera and sure enough I didn’t see much at all, but it was a tiny red beetle on the Hazel that caught my attention one afternoon. Only 5mm in length and when I got close such a strange little insect. So the next day I went back with my camera and I saw it again and for a few days after so I was able to get some pictures. Researching at home I found out it was a Hazel leaf Roller Weevil. It’s usually seen from May to July so very lucky to spot one this late it must be the mild weather.

Hazel Leaf Roller Weevil
Hazel Leaf Roller Weevil, Apoderus coryli

As the weather was pleasant and with not much wind I decided after that spot I would take the camera out in the afternoons. I was really surprised as always what was still around as I looked into the hedgerows and on the ground, even Rod was spotting for me! Of course Autumn is good for spiders and I saw a few different species. There were still a few Butterflies about and a Darter Dragonfly that decide to land on my head!

I’ve tried to name some of the species but some of them will take me a little time to do some research, something for the dark nights perhaps.

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