Another trip out on Friday 7th January, we decided not to go to far as the weather wasn’t that special and quite chilly. There were showers forecast for the morning so we decided to head up the Salisbury road onto the Cranborne Chase. We weren’t sure what we were going to see but it’s usually a good area for various bird life.

We saw two Kestrels in a couple of places but I didn’t manage to take a photograph of them. We went off the main road towards Wimborne St Giles and I noticed some large birds a distance away perched on some fencing. I now have some binoculars which are proving very useful for spotting birds. What I spotted were two Red Kites and they soon took off and it gave me chance to take some photos. The light wasn’t too good and I had to dial in some plus exposure compensation to get the birds underside exposed right. I was pleased with how they came out.






We headed farther along the road hoping to see a Barn Owl, we have seen one along this road during the day at times, but we were not lucky today.

We then headed for home and crossed the Salisbury road taking some quieter roads. It wasn’t too long before we spotted a couple of Hares crossing the road. They disappeared into the hedgerow but we then spotted more in a field opposite, I was hoping that the two I spotted might have had a little spar but no one looked very submissive. There were certainly a few there, another place to see Hares in the future.

We went up to Win Green but it was quiet there as there had just been a heavy snow shower, it was white on the track, we had seen the dark cloud but we just missed the shower. So we headed home for a nice hot cup of tea and lunch.

4 thoughts on “Cranborne Chase

  1. Some lovely shots. I don’t have Brown Hares near me but hope to see a few in North Norfolk when a party of us go there for a long weekend the one after next.

    Red Kites are another matter. About 3 years ago they became much more regular where I live in the west London suburbs. On Sunday when I went to my local patch I had a record 18 wheeling around over some fields & had at least another 3 elsewhere. Get one or two most days over the garden. Good to see some wildlife increasing as much declines.

  2. Thank you, Red Kites are still a novelty around here so I enjoy seeing them. Our relations in Reading always wonder why we get so excited about seeing them, They have them coming in the garden . They are beautiful birds. I am finding special places where I can see the hares unfortunately we have illegal hare coursing in the area. Such lovely creatures hope to get some more pictures this year!

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