Sunrise 8.09 Sunset 16.08 GMT

We were up as usual to take the dogs out nice and early, around 7.30am, it was still dark but a little better than the previous days. There was cloud and some clear sky and it didn’t feel too cold although once we got down to the meadows there was frost on the ground. I can only say the weather is changeable!

The birds were very active, glad the weather was better. As we walked down the field there was a Tawny owl calling in the trees. The floods have receded a little from the fields but there was still plenty there and you could see the line of the highest water with all the debris deposited at the front edge. Of course we couldn’t get down to the footbridge so we did a circuit round the organic farm and home. There were plenty of birds singing away blackbirds, tits the Robins of course and the Magpies shouting in the distance.

Back home for a lazy day. I took a picture below of wildlife, our two monsters, Kim and Lucy, looking disgruntled because I wanted them to sit for a picture for a couple of seconds! Come back Ellis, my Labrador he loved to pose!!!

Happy Christmas
Happy Christmas

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