After hearing the Cuckoo on May 1st on Okeford Hill I wondered if or when I would hear one close to home. I didn’t have to wait too long as on the morning of the 3rd May I was out in the garden and I heard one in the distance, probably towards the river Stour and Bere Marsh. It was only for a short while but good to hear it.

After another frosty morning the weather was soon set to change that day and early on the wind started to build and by the afternoon it got extremely blustery. We took the dogs down our local Greenway lane early in the afternoon and it was really blowing, as we got to the bottom we spotted some Swallows, there were so many of them flying about by the edge of the little Spinney and in the small field next to it. This was such a surprise as we haven’t seen so many at this time of year for sometime. We assumed the were managing to find flies to eat next to the trees and whether they would be staying or moving somewhere else we weren’t sure. Swallows nest in the barn near Bere Marsh but there were so many here. I’ve seen them flock on the Hambledon Hill hill and close to home when they are gathering to migrate but not this time of year. I didn’t have my camera or phone!!! So we walked back up the lane, I got my camera and walked back again, they were still flying around! I realised with the light and their speed I would probably be unable to take photos so I attempted a movie. I have slowed it down by 50% and a few frames 10% otherwise they all go by too quickly. It was wonderful to watch as they zoomed over the hedges just above me and at times there was a mass of birds above the field.

I just don’t know what I’m going to see each day and I’m glad I didn’t miss this.

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