After lunch on Friday 14th January we headed from Ham Wall to Catcott which is managed by the Somerset Wildlife Trust for a short visit. We alway enjoy it as you can get quite close to the wildlife from the hide and is usually quiet only attracting keen wildlife watchers.

There were so many Wigeon who made a lot of noise but great fun to watch, most of them were in pairs, Teal and a first sighting for me of a Pintail Duck. A Heron flying across and a Marsh Harrier in the distance making the birds take to the air at times.

A pleasant hour watching all the antics before heading home.

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4 thoughts on “Catcott

  1. Great shots of the pintail and the wigeon Marilyn. I have never seen them that close before so the detail in your photos is really interesting and good to see. I will be taking trip to this reserve for sure in the future.

  2. These are just beautiful photos, Marilyn, I always look forward to your new posts.
    I don’t know whether it is too far for you, but I was down at Keyhaven/ Pennington a few days ago and there was a wonderful array of birdlife on the lagoons there. In particular, many of the birds are quite close, so would probably be good for photography

  3. Thank you Claire. I had a look at the reserve it does look good, just a little farther than Ham Wall so definitely a possible visit in the future. Always looking for new places.

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