Sunday 6th April

Sunrise 06.35 Sunset 19.49 BST

Today was a really wet day, not a day to be out and about. I haven’t posted much recently except that we saw some Swallows; we saw another one this afternoon in between the heavy rain. It’s not because I haven’t been out and about but I haven’t had chance to write my blog, by the time I sat down I was too tired to do it! So much for retirement!

When we walk down the fields by the river if you look around 360° there is a mist of white on the hedgerows and trees, the Blackthorn is in full flower and it looks wonderful.

Back to this week… Although the weather hasn’t been brilliant this week there were some nice spells and on Monday 31st March Rod, myself and the two dogs took a walk around Netmead field. It was still very wet and boggy underfoot and we had to be careful we didn’t fill our boots with water!

There has been a lot of Egrets by the Poplar trees in Netmead they have been feeding there and I have seen sixteen at one time. I was told there has been frog spawn in the water so maybe they are feeding off of young frogs. There was a heron flying over as we made our way, he looked like he was heading towards the Heronry.


I was surprised to see the Cuckoo flowers out and there were quite large plants in the field, usually they appear when the first Cuckoo arrives but I haven’t heard one yet.

Cuckoo flower
Cuckoo flower

We also disturbed a Buzzard by the footbridge, I quickly tried to take a picture, two were fuzzy and one was alright but he was going the wrong way; can’t win them all I suppose.


The deer have been very active so I have had to be very careful when I’ve been out with the dogs. Kim did take after some one day but they were too quick for her thank goodness. On Tuesday 1st April it was very foggy in the morning so I thought I would cross over the trailway and climb up to New Cross to see if I get above it, I didn’t, but it was OK as I had a very interesting walk. I had to keep Kim on the lead as I couldn’t see very far. We had a look to see if there was any action in the Heronry and although misty I could see one Heron on a nest and there were Egrets and Herons flying around. I must get back there soon when it’s clearer and before the leaves hide the nests.

Heron on it's nest
Heron on it’s nest

As we walked down back to the trailway I could see silhouettes of animals in the field there were so many of them I thought they were sheep. I realised as I focused on them it was a fair sized herd of deer there may have been six or more. There was also a Skylark singing above the open fields so although I couldn’t see very far it was an interesting walk.

Dew on Blackthorn


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