On 9th August the weather improved with some sunshine and suddenly there were butterflies everywhere, our garden was and still is alive with them both at the front and back of our house. I think they like the chaos of my garden with flowers everywhere and a little unkempt as I don’t seemed to have got fully organised this year.  Many excuses like the weather and other things! So many plants have appeared, seeds from last year coming up on pathways around the vegetable patch filling the whole garden with vibrant colours. I don’t mind as it is now a haven for so much Butterfly and insect life and of course our resident Hedgehogs and mice. Our Buddleia at the front of the house is the star I counted at least 30 Tortoiseshells, five or more Peacock and Red Admirals, Painted Lady, Small and Large Whites a Brimstone with a Gatekeeper passing through all at one time. We can watch them from the comfort of our living room.

We have also seen Commas, Skippers and a Blue Butterfly in the garden, probably a Common Blue.

Of course I had to take some photos the best session I have had with Butterflies all year!

Select an image for a larger view and scroll through using the arrows at each side of the images.

I tried a video, I’ve not quite got the hang of it yet but it shows some of the Butterflies!

2 thoughts on “Butterfly invasion!

  1. Lovely video, Marilyn. I must say, I think I have seen more Tortoiseshells this year than I ever have in the past – they quite put the Red Admirals in the shade

    1. Yes they sure have but I’ve mainly seen Butterflies in the garden the reserves have been relatively quiet!

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