With all this lovely weather it appears to have brought out the Butterflies and especially in the garden in the last few days all the sunshine is certainly helping them along with Hover flies, Bee flies, bees and some large Bumble bees which I have to rescue from the Greenhouse now and then! There has noticeably been  many more Orange Tips flying around which can only be good news. Most of the time they are just passing through and I haven’t been able to take pictures so far!

  1. Brimstone
  2. Peacock
  3. Small White
  4. Small Tortoiseshell
  5. Orange Tip
  6. Holly Blue
  7. Speckled Wood
  8. Comma
Brimstone (Archive image)
Brimstone (Archive image)

We are spending a lot of time at home, what a surprise! I’m in the garden and Rod in his garage so I’m making the most of the weather doing lots of jobs. Filling up the Greenhouse with Vegetable plants and flowers and renovating parts of the garden that have become overgrown. I’m hoping to continue to make it more wildlife friendly lots of flowers for Insects and Butterflies, hopefully.


Our Hedgehogs are still calling in regularly, we definitely have two but there may be more I must try the camera in different places in the garden and see if I can get more action than them eating!

Hedgehog 1

Hedgehog 2

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