We had to go into Blandford for some shopping so a good chance to take the camera and look for Otters. The weather wasn’t too special and it was raining at times but we thought we would just see if there was anything about. We were the only ones out there watching which is very unusual and only a few dogs walkers.

We were very lucky as soon as we got there we spotted an Otter below the weir, which was running very high after heavy rain. Before I had time to take pictures the Otter got onto the far bank and ran along it so he could get to the top of the weir. We were so lucky to see this as normally there are plenty of people about and it wouldn’t be so brave.



After he had got back in the river above the weir we thought that was that, but no we spotted mum and two kits by the island where the river splits into two, we watched them for sometime before they disappeared onto the island.




We went to do our shopping and on our way back to the car we decided to walk the river bank and we got down to the second footbridge and there was another Otter, she was heading upstream towards the weir so we followed her up the river and I had lots of chance to take photos. Once she got under the weir she spent sometime fishing. We left her there and happily made our way home.






Otter fishing with Swans behind
Otter fishing with Swans behind

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