I was so lucky on Sunday 22nd May as I walked round the fields with Tilly in the early morning. I was heading home for breakfast through the meadow close to the River Stour when I saw something white flying at the other side of the field, a Barn Owl hunting! It was out later than normal around 7.20am I’m thinking that maybe there are Barn Owl chicks to feed, I do hope so.

He was some distance away but I took some pictures all the same as he flew the edge of DWT Mill Ham island. He was lucky with his hunting as he went down in the grass and carried a Vole and then turned into the trees heading back to the barn.

Barn Owl with Vole
Barn Owl with Vole

On Monday morning the 23rd I decided to head over to Bere Marsh Farm hoping to spot a Barn Owl again, at an earlier time. I walked up the Trailway but no luck, no sighting at all. Tilly and I enjoyed a walk and then we headed back for home. Just as I was going over the footbridge into the meadow I spotted the Owl it was around the same time as the day before, unfortunately he was heading the other way along the the field edge.

Barn Owl
Always going the wrong way!

I wondered what to do as I watched him on the other side of the field it was no good me going out in the open as it would scare him off so Tilly and I tucked ourselves in by a dead tree by the woodland and I hoped he would come back towards us. He flew towards Netmead, the next field to where we were in and luckily he turned back and come back along the back edge of the field to us. Then he started to head towards us, It was fantastic to watch as he slowly made his way towards us. I took plenty of images he just spotted us at the last minute and veered off he wasn’t too worried, probably used to seeing people where he lives! I’ve walked that way since but just caught a glimpse, I was so lucky.

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