Sunrise 06:51 Sunset 19:13 BST

When I go out for my early morning walk now it’s just becoming light, if it’s a little cloudy I find it quite difficult to get down the first part of the lane. It’s a good job I know it so well. This morning as I was crossing the river I thought I could see something on the fence post and sure enough a Barn Owl flew away from it and went towards Bere Marsh Farm and then probably back to the barn where he lives, it’s always a special moment. A sad find this morning I meet my friend Judy on the trailway and we walk towards Hammoon, she had found a Tawny Owl on the road recently hit by a car, it was killed outright, a beautiful owl so sad to see it’s life end like that.

I am seeing plenty of wildlife around but sometimes I haven’t got my camera which is frustrating. I was taking Kim for a walk the other afternoon and spotted two Kingfishers on a dead twig over the river, I stood and watched them for a while. There are Greater Spotted Woodpeckers, a Kestrel, Herons, Little Egrets, to name a few plus all the usual little birds around. The Swallows and Martins have moved on, we missed the main of them going as we were away in Somerset, they were just starting to collect on the wires in the back garden when we went, always a sad time, winter on it’s way!

We went over to Berwick St John on Sunday which took us over Fontmell Down and we saw three Red Kites at different times, I only had a short lens on my camera so I only got the shape, we have promised to go up there again and see if we can spot them again.

The garden is still busy the Young Blackbirds and Mr Tatty Blackbird still come in for mealworms regularly and are quite tame. We now have a flock of resident House Sparrows who are always chattering in the bushes. Hopefully we shall get some different birds visiting through the winter. We do see Dunnocks, Chaffinches, Tits and even a Sparrow Hawk flew in, luckily he didn’t catch any of our Sparrows!

The Hedgehogs are still night visitors and I put the camera out to see how many were coming in. They were busy throughout the night, I don’t know how many come in, or if they are the same ones coming back as they all look the same! I did manage to get three of them in the video so we know we have at least three. Hopefully we can keep them fed until they hibernate.

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