Two trips out in a week, very lucky. Well the weather was cold, frosty and clear on the thursday so we had a trip down to RSPB Arne.We got there fairly early and there were not too many people about it felt like we had the place to ourselves.

The view across the heath towards Corfe Castle was stunning in the early morning light.

Across Arne Heath

We walked over the top of Shipstal beach, the Gorse was flowering on the heathland we kept our eyes open for the Dartford Warblers and sure enough we spotted some in the Gorse, they are very beautiful and very quick!

Dartford Warbler
Dartford Warbler
Dartford Warbler

We walked over to Shipstal Ponds it was frozen over and not much movement near there.

Shipstal ponds

The Sika deer were on the marsh, we could see the white stag in the far distance and there were a number of hinds and stags on the heath, although at a distance and busy grazing.

Sika hinds

There were quite a few Wrens about, although they soon disaapeared in the undergrowth. I just managed to get a picture of one before it went under the bracken.


Time then for a cup of tea in the RSPB cafe, always a treat at the end of our walk.

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