On the 15th July I went met a friend at Stalbridge in the afternoon for a cup of tea and chat and I left around 4 o’clock and as it was only a short detour to the Butterfly Conservation’s reserve at Alner’s Gorse I thought I would spend an hour seeing if there was anything about. It had been a hot day and it was a warm evening so I was hoping for some activity.

Well there were so many Butterflies, I was so pleased after not seeing that many so far this year. I walked to the furthest point of the reserve and there were Silver Washed Fritillaries everywhere! They were flying through the shaded woodland which was a lovely sight, their golden wings showing up as the flew around. I also saw a couple of the female form, Valesina of Silver Washed Fritillary, they were being chased by the males and I didn’t think I would get some pictures but luckily they landed for a short time. 

There were also some Hawker Dragonflies flying along the hedgerows probably Southern Hawkers but they didn’t stay still enough for me to identify.

Of course there were plenty of Meadow Browns and I spotted a few different species as I walked back Brimstone, Common Blues, Large Skippers, Gatekeepers and Ringlets and I’m sure some I missed, a lovely evening wandering with the reserve to myself!

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Exmoor pony
Exmoor pony

They graze Exmoor ponies on the reserve to help in conservation, I came across two when I realised I had lost my…Rod’s hat on the woodland ride. I had just negotiated the wild ponies and had to go back, they were not amused I had to walk off the path to get past them again, they say they are wild and not to approach them, so I tried hard not to! You can see the hat at the left of the pony which I didn’t see at the time. Luckily Rod’s hat was retrieved in one piece as was I.

2 thoughts on “Alner’s Gorse

  1. Thank you for identifying the fritillary for me, Marilyn; I was lucky enough to take a decent picture of one with my ‘phone whilst on holiday, but didn’t know what it was! They are truly beautiful, but I still prefer the marbled whites!

  2. Yes they are beautiful and I agree with the Marbled Whites when their wings are closed the patterning is lovely!

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