The long grass behind our garden has recently been cut for silage, it was very long and almost impossible to see anything in the field, so as soon as it was cut and harvested I decided to put my Trail camera out, pointed it towards the field to see what I could see.

I wasn’t disappointed as the first night I got an image of two foxes, I was a little annoyed with myself as I’d put the camera on taking single images so it was the only picture I had, but so nice to see what’s happening after dark.

I put it out another night remembering to put it on video this time and was pleased to see a Fox rummaging around the field.


Another night a Fox was around earlier in the night but one of the last videos that the camera took I saw a quick flash of a badger crossing the field, he was so quick that I slowed down the video to take a better look. I was really pleased to see him.


Of course our Hedgehogs are still visiting regularly, they are eating everything I put in front of them, I didn’t put the camera out when it was really wet in May and I was worrying that there were other creatures eating the food but after putting the camera out for a few nights there was only a cat passing through and a little Bank Mouse and he didn’t stay too long. They are still squabbling and we have three at a time and I’m sure there may be others.

(Ignore the date I forgot to alter it when I reset the camera!)

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