I always wondered what use Twitter was and never quite got what it was all about but I now find it is one of my favourite apps. I have discovered that I can access real time information on all sorts of things and especially what’s happening at the various nature reserves around our county and beyond, it seems appropriate that the RSPB and Wildlife Trusts should use an app named Twitter! What’s this got to do with this post, well I can access up to date information on what’s about on the reserves and in this case there were lots of Tweets talking about the return of the Ospreys, who pass through Poole harbour on their migration route from Scotland through to Africa for the winter. So we thought it was a good time to pop down to Arne and take a look.

We weren’t disappointed, after walking down to the Raptor hide we settled down for a wait. There was a RSPB warden there on his day off hoping to do the same and sure enough there was soon a sight of the Osprey. It was some distance away but we spent some time watching, much of the time he was perched on a dead tree with an occasional fly round.

Osprey in flight
Osprey in flight
Across the marsh Osprey in tree

While we were there a Hobby come down to some trees close to the hide where there is a pond probably looking for it’s favourite food of Dragonflies so that was a bonus.


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