For the last month I have been an avid watcher of the weather forecast for Saturday 12th November! This was due to the cancellation of the Blandford Camera Club’s Weymouth night shoot in October because of rain, although if only we had a crystal ball near the date we would have seen that torrential rain of the Saturday stopped before our scheduled time at Weymouth. Such is English weather! Anyway it happened once again from a good weather forecast to heavy rain on the Saturday, I thought we would have to cancel again but it eased off and the trip was on.

We started our evening at the back of the Pavilion and then moved towards the seafront and then the Quay. It was cloudy but it was relatively warm for November, usually when we go out as a club it is freezing cold!

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Seafront from the beach
Seafront from the beach
Funfair on the seafront
Funfair on the seafront



We must have spent a good three hours taking images as we walked towards the seafront and then the Quay towards the car park. The weather was kind and the moon showed it’s face for a while. There was a little wind about on the front and the boats were moving in the Quay all a bit of a challenge but it was an enjoyable night and to finish it off we had Fish and Chips and a mug of tea and then home for around 8.30pm.







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