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I am an avid weather watcher keeping an eye on the week ahead and the next day. Saturday 10th February was set for a cloudy start and rain moving in so I had no great expectations of seeing a good sunrise and taking pictures. But when I looked out I noticed a red sky developing over to the east which must have been about an hour before sunrise. I’m getting up little earlier each day as the light in the day is lengthening. I decide to head for the other side of Hambledon hill to try and catch the light. It is a good 30 minutes walk from home so Tilly and myself had to get a move on!

It didn’t disappoint as I headed towards Shroton Brake the sky started to lighten and grow even redder. I just about reached the Modern Stone Circle at the right time and managed to get some images of the stunning red sky.

Stone Circle dawn
Stone Circle at dawn

Then we went farther along the path towards Shroton Brake and as the sun rose it spread a lovely light over the ramparts of the hill across the Rape field. It wasn’t to last long as the sun rose into cloud and the moment was gone, but I’m so glad I was there.

Dawn light on Hambledon Hill
Dawn light on Hambledon Hill

I just had to take a picture of this lovely pair again! I love their faces.


By the time I got home it was raining and stayed like that for the rest of the day, so glad I went out with Tilly early.

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