The poor weather has continued. Many of the paths are just about passable but very muddy, it makes for difficult walking. It has also been very grey, we haven’t seen much of the sun for most of the month so far. I haven’t done a lot of photography although taking my camera most days, except when it’s really wet, but it has just been very flat lighting.

One morning I walked towards Shroton Brake and for a short while there was a lovely sunrise, it only lasted a short while and soon went back to grey for the rest of the day. I was at the right place to take a picture of the Stone Circle with the sun rising behind it.

The River Stour has come over it’s banks a few times but luckily not enough to cause any major flooding. I took a couple picture from the North Dorset Trailway of the river with reflections on the flood water early in the morning a couple of days ago.

Of course somebody enjoys the flood water! Tilly enjoyed herself racing through the water, she slept well when she got home!

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