Our garden is a very busy place not, just me doing the gardening but all the other residents and visitors that come to our garden during the day. Our resident Sparrows are always busy and they are still collecting nest materials so we may soon have more! They have certainly made their home here spending their days feeding bathing in the birdbath and dust bath on the garden and of course raising their young. Tilly’s fur has been in demand for nesting, the Sparrows help themselves to the fur I tuck in the Clematis  taking big clumps at a time.

Male Sparrow helping himself to Tilly's fur.
Male Sparrow helping himself to Tilly’s fur.
Male Sparrow with Tilly's fur.
Male Sparrow with Tilly’s fur.

We also have plenty of squabbling Blackbirds with their young, Robins plus visiting Long Tailed Tits, Blue and Great Tits, a Greater Spotted Woodpeckers, a male Pheasant, Pigeons, Jackdaws, Magpies and a Rook with a dodgy foot and more, some birds more welcome than others.

Some birds we have enjoyed watching is the family of Pied Wagtails they have stayed around our garden and three youngsters fledged this year and it has been lovely to watching them as they walk importantly round our patio. See picture at the top of the page, a little fledgling in the garden and below an adult with young.

Adult Pied Wagtail with fledgling on our garage roof.
Adult Pied Wagtail with fledgling on our garage roof.

A neighbour called me one morning to see a moth that was on their Conservatory. A rather beautiful moth it’s wings looking like crumpled leaves. I wasn’t sure what it was but I checked and I’m sure it is a Poplar Hawk moth.

A couple of pictures of the garden, one a picture of an Iris that flowered for the first time this year it was lovely and a view of my flower garden where all the wildlife spends their days, our little haven, humans and creatures.

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